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Labspace, where creatives, entrepreneurs and startup founders find their true identity.

We help African startups and entrepreneurs do it right through Capacity Development

Labspace is a women-led innovation hub that caters to a community of Innovators, Entrepreneurs and Startups by providing access to capacity building programs and training, co-working services, mentorship, business development, funding opportunities and access to a network of like minds and industry experts.

What we do

Every stage of growth brings with it different challenges

We know because we’ve been there.

If you are interested in entrepreneurship, join our community to stay informed on opportunities and learn from our network of industry experts, insightful events and programs, entrepreneurial skills workshops and fireside chats.

We also offer

Co-Working Space, a stimulating co-working office space

An extraordinary community of entrepreneurs, innovators, startups and Industry experts.

Entrepreneurship And Digital Training

Our Entrepreneurs are change makers.

We are builders, we are building the next generation of entrepreneurs and equipping them with the right skills from learning the right goto strategies to how to set up their businesses with the right structures to teaching them how to utilize digital tools that will help their businesses scale globally.

— We  feature trailblazing tech-entrepreneurs every month.

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Partners Making Labspace Story a Reality

Feedback from Community Members

Our committed customer care staff are ready to help. We will soon launch a 24/7 co-working service.

Meet our exciting community.

Community Programs and Events