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Labspace by JD Lab X AfriLabs

AfriLabs is a pan-African network of 225 innovation hubs across 47 countries, working together to promote and support the growth of African tech startups. As a member of the AfriLabs network, Labspace by JD Lab has access to a vast community of innovators, investors, and entrepreneurs. This partnership allows us to leverage the expertise and resources of AfriLabs, while also contributing to the broader ecosystem of African tech innovation. Together, we are driving positive change and creating new opportunities for the next generation of African innovators.

The innovation hubs, including Labspace, provide physical co-working spaces, training, and business support to African entrepreneurs, innovators, developers, and youths, helping to raise successful entrepreneurs who will create jobs and develop innovative solutions to African problems.

For more information about AfriLabs and Labspace, please visit their respective websites at  and .