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Are you aspiring to have a startup capable of providing disruptive solutions in different industries ?

Labspace Ideation’s mission is to help innovative individuals with potentially disruptive solutions, validate their ideas and promote the emergence of new startups

Do you need expert tutoring and guidance to help validate your idea?

Getting an early-stage idea off the ground requires much more than just patience, luck, and determination. There are many variables to consider in order to determine the scalability of your idea or solution in order to build market-ready products. Knowing how to determine these variables is crucial to your success.

The Ideation program is designed to inspire innovation, provide an effective and scalable approach to educating & training pre-seed entrepreneurs, and connect them to our network of collaborative partners. Innovators on the program will receive support in their pre-seed stage through guidance from mentors and advisory experts, access to our LabSpace and opportunities to get connected to other incubator hubs.

Pre-incubation package

The program will run for 12 weeks, it focuses on helping innovators determine the viability of their idea and help kickstart the development of the product, and transform them to become startups

A demo day will be conducted and the selected startups will get connected to our incubator networks, where they will be assessed to join their incubation program.

Mentorship and Business support

Gain valuable insights and guidance from performance coaches and advisory experts

Pre-seed support

This support will help you get operations off the ground.

Co-working office space

Access to our inspiring and creative LabSpace