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Are you a Female entrepreneur or do you run a Female led Startup?

techXpreneurs is an initiative targeted at inspiring the inclusion of women into tech, and educating them on the adaptability of technology in women led businesses.

Are you looking for a supportive community to help you on this journey?

Journeying through embracing technology as women is not always the easiest path, taking that step towards breaking societal bias requires gaining awareness and being educated on the importance of leveraging technology in our careers and businesses to close the gender gap. It is essential to be a part of a dedicated community that inspires and encourages you to keep pushing while actively connecting you to opportunities, programs, and training to equip and empower you with the necessary skills.

techXpreneurs is a community that encourages more women to go into Tech, through our programs we will impact women to become socially and economically empowered entrepreneurs and startup founders incorporating Tech in their solutions and services.

Social outreach

There will be outreach programs designed to target women at different stages of their journey, young girls, students, and business owners will be impacted to create a more balanced gender in Tech through empowerment, building awareness, and educating them on how they can learn new skills and adopt incorporating technology in their careers and businesses.

Community engagement

The females of techXpreneurs will be mobilized through networking sessions to bring them together and instill a community of women supporting each other, sharing ideas and experiences, building on collaborations, and encouraging growth and positivity while curving the gender gap in women-led businesses and having more women tech founders.

Access to opportunities

There are many opportunities for women founders and Tech entrepreneurs, we will be helping you access those opportunities for mentorship, finance, and growth, as well as linkages to experts to help improve your chances to access these opportunities.

Startup Academy

Be a part of our startup academy and access training to get you upscaled