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Labspace by JD Lab and HapaSpace Partner to Support African Startups and Founders

Labspace by JD Lab and HapaSpace Partner to Support African Startups and Founders

[HapaSpace Innovation Hub, 27th Jul 2023] – Labspace by JD Lab and hapaSpace, two innovation hubs in Africa that are both members of the AfriLabs network have announced a partnership to support startups across the continent. The idea for this collaboration was birthed during the Afrilabs Capacity Building program for innovation hub owners and Transform Africa Summit, and the partners believe it will help to change the landscape for entrepreneurs who have been held back by a lack of knowledge and access to resources.

With a focus on quality and feedback, the partnership will offer a pre-accelerator program for startup founders, providing them with access to expert mentorship, valuable resources, and an extensive network of like-minded entrepreneurs. The program will run for two months, and the best graduating cohort will have their paid fees reimbursed. In addition, development partners will help to create a fellowship program, which will allow some founders to participate for free.

“We are excited about this partnership and the impact it will have on African startups,” said Abdulkadir Suleiman Lapai, Founding Partner of Labspace. “We have a shared vision of supporting entrepreneurs and creating growth opportunities, and we believe that by working together, we can help to create a more vibrant startup ecosystem in Africa.”

The partnership also includes cloud service providers, government agencies, and financial institutions such as Financial Institutions in Nigeria and Ghana. Through these partnerships, startups will have access to the necessary support and tools to help them succeed.

“We believe that by partnering with organizations that share our ideologies and methods, we can help to create an environment where startups can thrive,” said Gideon Brefo, CEO of hapaSpace. “We are excited to be a part of this partnership and look forward to working together to support the next generation of African startups.”

The partners plan to scale the program to other African countries after the execution of successful few cohorts, with a target to start in the first quarter of 2024. The five-month implementation timeline includes activities such as MOU signing and setting up the secretariat.

About Labspace:

Labspace is one of the fast-growing innovation hubs in Nigeria, with a focus on supporting startups and entrepreneurs. Labspace is a women-led innovation hub with a network of like-minded individuals and a range of resources and mentorship programs committed to helping startup founders succeed.

Labspace is in Minna, Niger State (Northern Nigeria) works on programs that have a direct impact by supporting startups in underserved communities across Africa.

About HapaSpace:

HapaSpace is an innovation hub in Kumasi – Ghana that supports the growth of startups and entrepreneurs across Africa. With a focus on creating a collaborative and supportive environment, HapaSpace provides startups with access to expert mentorship, valuable resources, and an extensive network of high-network individuals. HapaSpace is one of the hubs in Africa implementing the AfriCOnEU Project, a project that strengthens and reinforces digital innovation hubs in Africa.